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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  October 25, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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that's a ook at the morning travels. patrice, back over to you. ffx 45 early dition. the first of two funerals for fallen police officers starts in a few hours..3 stevenson was killed over an argument last weekend over a parking spot. it's the senseless way that many joel d smith is live at the george wiih where the ceremony is going to be held. >> reporter: 10:00 a.m. is when it funeral begins and if the viewing over the weekend is any indication, this parking lot will be filled.ú we were there over the weekend as hundreds came out to pay their respects. the bowling greens funeral home. to honoo detective stevenson, the death did happen on late saturday night in canton when
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police say stevenson and another man sian james got intooan argument over a parking spot.3 up a fist size piece of concrete and threw it at stevenson's head and the imfact finally killing him. first-degree murder. his friends and family can only try to remember him as thed good man, the great friend that he was.3 >> he had a lot of loved ones that cared very much about him, yes, very respectable young man. sign the book and make sure that when she sees the book she knows >> reporter: the family members appreeiate the love and support they are getting. stevenson was an 18 year veteran of the olice department. and unfortunately this is the first of wo funerals this week for baltimore city police officers. the other one is for tommy portz
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that would be wednesday, he died last week in a traffic accident. joel d smithh fox 45 early edition..3 as joel just said the fiewn roolfunerals are scheduled this week. hh ill be laid to rest on wednesday following funeeal services at the cathedral of portz was killed when hii police cruiserrcrashed last week. he is the 3rd officer from3 the police city department to die last month. the honor flag which flew at ground zero will be delivered to baltimore to honor the officers. a homeless woman in howard coonty is set on fire. it happened over the weekend near the border of laurel and satisfyish off of gorman road. police say both the victim and the suspect had been living in the woods in what was likely a homeless campground. another homeless woman saw the man, set fire to the woman and lan ran tt i a nearby store to
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call police. when help arrived the woman had been severely burnnd and was taken to bayviewwmedical center. neighbors who frequently visit the nearby savage mills, said there they had no idea a homeless camp was nearby and were shockeddby what happened. >> ii's absolutely horrible. iidon'' know understand how people could be so cruel and inhumane. i'm very sorry to hear thatú happen. >> it's shking. you always see families out here. you don't expect sommthing like that happen. >> police are workkng to confirm the identities of the victim and suspect. they are allo looking for other witnesses. three men shot last night in east baltimore are all excepted to survive. just before 7:00 at east 20th street and kennedy avenue, police say one of the victims was shot in the upper body. another in the leg, the 3rd victim was shot twice, there's no word on a suspect or a
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mottve. about an hour earlier officer inside southwest baltimore were looking into a shooting that took place inside a store. it happened around 5:300on north franklin street. a mans shot in the arm and chest and was taken to the hospital. robbed at the time of the incident. a glen burnie man has some explaining to do, after police caught him knocking down and stealing slots parlor vote signs. -avid corbegan was arrested with about 70 signs stashed in his car. he may be linked to other sign thefts throughout the county and is facing of theft. wells fargo says it will once again vigorously fight the lawsuit whhch accuses the company of predatory lenddng practices. the city alleges that african-americans were targeted for bad loans leading to
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increased foreclosures. the original lawsuit was filed in 2008. a judge dismissed a second one earlier this year. coming up in the early edition, overwhelming the emergency room. >> i would say at least half if3 not 70% of the people could be cared for in an outside facility. >> hospital personnel expect their work load to increase following the passage of healthcare reform. we got a decent amount of rain coming yourrway for today and wednesday as much as a
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public safety is a governor's most important job. that's why governor martin o'malley has instituted new dna and fingerprinting technology that's reducing violent crime... new, stronger domestic violence and abuse legislation... and o'malley passed new laws to better track and convict sexual predators, with even longer prison sentences. as a father of four, i know there's always more that we must do to protect our children and make maryland an even safer place
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to raise our families. welcome back to fox 45 early ediiion. 5:27 is the time. it's a new week. it's time to see had a kind of weather we ill have for this meteorologist steve fertig is
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here. hi, steve. hi, patrrce. the temperatures aren't going to -hange a whole lot. it's pretty mild out there, 57 degrees at the inner harbor with partly cloudy skies. %inds are calm and 47% relative holding steady for now. theedew point is at by. 50. as you can see the dew point is mild. and the 2 in salisbury. down in d.c., 60 degrees there. here is what we're looking at, as far as the hd radar, not very active now but we do expect to see a disturbance, upper low disturbance. bring shower chances for the western countyyand more for the rest of us. you can see the storms down toward the ennessee valley. that is where the disturbance is expected to be. and then we're looking at the surface features which will bring us warm air again as we continue to get southwesterly
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flow..3 that warm air will make it ore conducive for the showers as the disturbance moves through or the western counties seeing the best chance a little bbt thereafttr, not seeing a whole lot on theefuture scan, but certainly fair game as well. the next cold fronn comes ttrough by wednesday, which brings another chance of showers and thunderstorms. it will be slowing down assit comes our way t won't be until late wednesday until thursday that it pushes through. the warm air stays with us until then. then the cool air follows when the temperatures will drop into the upper 50s ffr highs by the %-here is what we check out hurricane richard just this morning, made landfall in bell belize. and has weaken and makes it into the gulf of exico and not expected to bring anything more than rainshowers for texas as it moves closer for their location. for us, xppctt73 degrees for the high in the eastern shore. the winds getting up to
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10-20 miles per hour and gusting higher. the thunderstorms holding off until the evening hours there. for the central pprt of the state, could have showers in the afternoon with the thunderstorms in the late afternoon and early evening as we climb to 72 degrees here. ú%ok for temperattres to be mild, getttng up to 70 degrees. again showers and thunderstorms3 maybe a little bit earlier, mid afternoon, and the evening thunderstorm possibility. tonight 59 degreesswith a shower or even a thunderstorm and drying overnight. a mild night as we drop to 59 degrees. then tomorrow, 74 degrees as you can see, we stay in the 70s. it looks like through thursday, tomorrow a drier day, but then the showees return on wednesday drying out on hursday with mostly clear skies later in theú daa but cooler behind the front. 59 for friday, and 60 and 63 for the saturday and sunday. now a look at what is happennng on the roadways. here isscandace dold with the traffic edge. we continue to track the actual speeds for you as the cars roll over the fencee and so far so
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good on the beltway, 55 miless3 per hour traveling on the harford road. and bay at security boulevard. there's trouble on 95, let's take a live look near 195. ú%'s been generally jammed there this morning. traffic is just now getting by. here is what is going on. it's an accident on the southbound lanes at 195 involving four vehicles, one of them is overturned. now the accident scene is off to the shoulder there. -raffic is at least getting by, but you could avoid all of the alterrate route. now on 95, a little bit farther down, let's take a live look moviig at route 100 traveling through howard county, can you see a heavy but steady ride, southbound lanes and down toward stretch up toward the beltway. in howard county there's a trash on route 216 moving at route 229. the crews are on scene and all lanes are getting by. let's check in on anne arundel it's going to be smooth sailing,
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the southbound lanes and even the northbound stretch as well. that's a look at the morning commute. patrice, back over to you. an overtime thriller at emt bank stadium. see how the ravens were able to come up away with a win against the bills in sports. you don't have an appointment. >> and turning to the er instead of a primary care octor. why the number of hospital
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imagine denying a pregnant woman the choice of health care providers. only one senator voted with big insurance over pregnant women: andy harris. protecting our bay? harris was the only one to vote against cleaning up toxic waste sites. he always sides with the polluters, one of the worst environmental records in the senate. and harris was the only one to vote against extending education for special needs kids. no wonder his republican colleagues think he's too extreme. we can't afford his extreme ideas. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message
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>> more people are winding up in the er for nonemergencies and doctors expect tt number to grow even more as healthcare reform rolls out. that puts a strain on the medical profession. >> the blood your. >> reporter: it's a monday morning at the emergency hospital emergency room, but most cases aren't an emergency. physician assistant handles 1/3 of the patients on her shift. >> i would say at least half if -ot closer to percent o 75% of 3 -ould be cared at an outside facility. >> reporter: this person, has a rash. most rashes are not a mediccl emergency. >> why do they come here? it's convenient. they don't have an appointment. they don't need an appointment. >> reporter: and you don need -nsurance, but these days many
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even with insurance opt for the3 er. >> hi, miss green. i'm christie. how do you do? tell me what happened with your fridge? >> miss green is a 52 years old lady would who came to the first resource that she knew to come to we is the er ors 124 million people visited emergency rooms in 2008 up from nearly 117 million in 1997. drr stevenson expects the numbers to grow. >> the study shows that when somebody in america gets sick or injured, over half of the time they bypass the primaryycare doctor or go tt an er or a specialist. >> reporter: doctors' schedules are the reason why. >> the big level are so low that if they were not able to crank out a patient every 15 minutes
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they would not be able to stay in business. >> reporter: the american college of er physicians see a potential prime with an increased demand for doctors. more americans will be insured and there's no quick ix to meet that expected need. >> there's a lot of ghand that doctors but it takes 10 o 15tof years to try to educate a new doctor. >> what does it mean for the emergency rooms. 2014, a lot more people will be inssred, but those peoppe will find there's an insufficienn number of primary care doctors to see them. many will end up here with their problems. >> reporter: as the healthcare reform has physicians to meet the demand of more patients, they are seen as long-term solutions. coming up later on fox 45 morning news, enjoying a night in with the girls of see and the
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-ity. >> the extra features included in this week's blu-ray release. bbttnext, ed read mad
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taxes are too high, and maryland families are struggling. and then there's politician andy harris proposing a 23% sales tax on nearly everything we buy. it cuts taxes for millionaires by over $200,000 a year and raises taxes on the middle class. andy harris even promised big oil companies he'd make taxpayers pay for spills like the bp disaster. andy harris on our side? not a chance. the democratic congressional campaign committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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good morning, everybody. here is your first look t sports. phrase, the reverse lock. when all the signs point overwhelmingly n one direction, things can't help but go in the other. that's what we saw yesterday at m and t bank stadium. but with one important caveat, the ravens found a way to win the game. ú% reid reintroduced after a
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long stay away. lee evans, perffctly in stride, 33 yards in the score. could have called him ryan manning on sunday and the beginning of the career take forfeits patrick. gets turned around, coughs it up before being tackled, the bills recoveree in great field position. they settled for a fiild goal to lead ed 10-3. throws it down the side line for steve johnson, he glides then for 6, another 33-yard strike. buffalo stunning tte ravens, 17-3. but back comes baltimore. joe flacco, firee to the goal line for todd heat, heet makes the leaping catch and cross the lane for 26 yards and the touch down. ravens got the bills lead tt 7. and then later in the half, fitzpatrick, off to play late. and johnson tackling optional and runs through two taccles and
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picks up two yards. very next play, fitzpatrick looking for like jim kelly. to evans for the 20 yards and half. the ravens about 24 points at the half. raven manning and the colts, and bills with aa24-point lead. ravens down 11, kicking off the edition, and he comes from behind and knocks it loose, wouldn't you know it, josh3 wilson dives on the fumble, a little redemption for the ravens corner. and flacco moves up again the heap. the ravens go into just 4 going into the half. quarter, fitzpatrick, fires across the middle. ed reid with the interception fresh off the pup list, the number 20 sets up the ravens up in great field position.
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first play fter the interception, a flicker, flaccc finds the wide opennanquan boldin. ravens take the lead 27-24. they scored 17 points in one minute and 12 seconds. later in the quarter, the ravees put a the first on the last, he big pull back, rumbles the game of 16 yards and that set up this. willis mcgahee from two yards out, dives in for theeformer team, purple and black, by the end of the quarter. fitzpatrick, throws it right to ed reed. second interception of the game and he has room o run on this one. goes 40 yards inside of the bills tent. reid with two interceptions on the day. the ravens had a 10-point lead, %-quarter, mcgahee fumbles the
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exchange, aad ttdd williams falls on it for the bills and the ravens give it right back. fitzpatrick, carving up the ravens the whole day. takes the screen 17 yards for the first touch down of the game and the billl trail by 3. with 8 seconds to go, ryan lin for tte tie, dead, solidld goal perfect. that would have been ood from 60 yards. last week the ravens, 11 point 4th quarter lead. any extra period fitzpatrick, hit shawn nelson over thee3 middle. get its head off the ground. watch as ray lewis rips his way for the fumble recovery. and the ravens are in field goal range. and outccmes billy con din from 38 yards for the win. and he gets it, the escape it home against buffalo, 37-34 in overtime.ú they're 5-2, headingginto the by
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week. >> the ravens face a team comiig off of their by week and for the second week in a row they went into overtime. 15 had the different overcome. the ravens squeeked out a win ú%t they struggled throughout. >> he pulled it out, and anytime, the team because we did in the 4th quarter. last week we did not make it. so this weekkwe came back and made the and we needed help for another win. >> you have toobe ready. whatever we can liie up, it -eems like it's going to give you the best shot. >> it was a game of momentum. there were times when he had the momentum and everything was well down theefield. and there remember times when w3 didn't have the momentum, but we were ableeto make the big plays. >> you come back every week, man. the ntlfl, everybody makes play.
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they are going to make plays, they get paid just like we do. >> they hhve an interception in the first, and reid first game back after being off for six %-said it was gooo to be back ot wednesday and i knew it was kind of like a rookie. you know, i was mentally preeared, you know, physically, i knew it was going to be tough. you know, we pulled through, the trainers, doctors, and organization, myself, we all worked hard, you know for the six weeks i was off. >> you get people talking about3 all the people a crrss the league. nobody mentions that and i knew how important he was. anytime you get to it speaks for itsell. you don't have to talkkabout that, because it speaks for itself. >> geeting out thhre with the guys, you know, that is was it. you know coming out here. knowing the fans, you know are
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going to be how they were. you know, that was just like a dream come true, like a rookie again all over again. >> the ravens eek out a 37-34 win to improve to 5-2. now they lead to the by week for thh much-needed time off to heal and look forwarddto miami. >> reporter: what a game. joe flacco threw two touchdowns. he wasn't the best quarterback on the field. ryan pit fitzpatrick was superb. his 4 touchdowns were spread out between lee evans and steve johnson who combined for 14 catches and 263 yards and 4 scorrs. compared to the ravens 364 but baltimorr gets the win. they head toward he by week. bills fall to 0-6 on the year. that's hard to believe.
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bruce cunniigham, fox 45 morning news. fear the bird, that is the message brandon wants to send all the other nfl teams out there. he is taking his intimidation to the next level dressing as the ravens bird and earing ray lewis', number 52 jersey. no matter where you are from, we're looking for you ravens fans to send us your photos showing off your purple pride. go click and on the community features section. cominn up in the 6:00 hour, getting dismissed without 60 day notice. we take a look at the lawsuit being filed by former ef spn end zone emppoyees. ♪ [ monkey cheeps ] [ male announcer ] a bath becomes even more pleasurable when you know that your water is being heated in an environmentally- conscious way while saving you hundreds of dollars on your water-heating energy bill. the geospring water heater from ge
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with advanced hybrid technology. heating the water in your home any other way is just going to seem primitive. [ monkey cheeps ] ♪ maryland residents can save up to $780 while funds last.
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a community sayssgoodbye to an officer who many say lost his liie in a senseless crime. >> we have lost an officer who meantta lot to his family, to his community and certainly to his brothers and sisters in blue. >> how family and friends are remembering ddtective brian stevenson. we are in a torna


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